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Sunday Slaughter!

Welcome To the Frontline PvMP Alliance on Laurelin [EN-RP]
Hail Comrades and welcome all to the Frontline Alliance!

Please as a first step read our Statement

Frontline is a PvMP Alliance for the [EN-RP] Laurelin Server of Lord of the Rings Online.
Born thanks to the efforts of a group of friends resolved to create a community with established rules in order to allow all the PvMPers to have a nice PvP experience.
We established our own rules based on respect and fair play in accordance with the old ''Honour Code'' born on our server, a code that nowadays is under threat, that's why Frontline was created, because we believe in these ''Unwritten Rules'' and we'd like to play a fun game without grief or harrassment.

Our idea is to offer a better game experience to everyone, we only ask You all to be honest and correct with us.

We are not meant to be a Military Institution, just a union of friends devoted to PvP!

In order to join us you'll have to fill a little form (please note that if you do not fill it we will ask you directly the informations we need, if we receive no answers we will not accept the application), the officers will examine it and let you know as soon as possible if your request has been accepted or refused.

We kindly ask you to register your Characters from your account, so we can know who you are and if you have alts that can be usefull for our community!

For any communication, please feel free to contact us using a PM.

Thanks all and have fun!
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