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By joining this alliance you agree to respect those general rules:

1. Never give the ingame chat channel details to anyone. The members of the alliance can find the details in the appropriate forum's section. The adress of the forum though can be given to everyone who asks for it.
2. The Channel is mainly for PvP discussions, but we also encourage Frontline members to do PvE groups together if there are no creeps in the moors to fight.
3. Currently, DoF offers rewards for freeps and creeps (infamy gain), so going to DoF to gain those rewards is accepted if there is no other (better) action to be found in the moors. Decision is upon the freep leader.
4. As guideline (exception depending on the situation allowed): Frontline Members should leave the numbers of Outposts owned by creeps and freeps equal, so both sides get the same amount of buffs.
5. Register on the forum using your character's name. This will make our moderators life a lot easier. You will not get accepted if you don't.

You agree to respect the specific rules this Alliance established about their Conduct Code on the Ettenmoors, specifically:

1) Actions of Grave Yard Camping, Gramsfoot Camping are Forbidden from the Alliance, member that are found breaking this rules will be publicly warned on the forum, if they will repeat this infraction the Officers will discuss about the correct action to take.
Chasing creeps to the Grave Yard or Gramsfoot and fighting there for a short while is accepted, but the freep leaders of Frontline should leave this area after a few minutes fight in order to avoid farming.

2) Corpsejumpers are not allowed in the Alliance, no matter if for revenge cause you were corpsejumped or not, Corpsejumping behaviour will result mostly in a kick, players will be warned of course, and will be contacted by the officers.

3) Frontline members must not interfer with spars, if you are roaming around and you notice a spar, do not interfer with it, ride past this spar or /sit in order to watch it and eventually resurrect the freep. Please be aware that JUMPING CREEPS NEAR A RAID ARE PROBABLY LOOKING FOR A SPAR.

4) Frontline should not ''Solo-Gank with a raid'' low ranked creeps.

If you see that a signature creep is following you and you are quite sure that he is just playing in ''pet-mode'' do not harm him, otherwise if you are suspicious that he could be a spy and you are attempting to move for an attack kill him.

5) Frontline Alliance strongly discourage any form of farming.
We don't like it, and we are supposed to be the alternative to this kind of behaviours, especially when all seems to be dead and quiet in the moors.

6) No Exploit, never never never use exploit to take a keep, you must not use them never in any place at any time, the result will be a kick from the alliance.
We want to play fair, no exploit that can bring us to take not wanted advantages from game bugs.
Resetting NPCs in a keep is not regarded as exploit.

7) This is not a rule but something that the officers wanted to say to the members:
Like everyone else here, we are not able to be in game 24/7 and we cannot always check what is going on, like we cannot always make groups and lead. We ask you all to not be ashamed about picking up the leadership, we are here to play and have fun together, you will face no stress leading us, and you will have all the Frontline Members following your orders, be an active part of our Alliance Life, join the forum, write your ideas and your suggestions.

8.) We have an external voice suppport, TS, with our own server and private channel, we invite you all to use it, even just to chit-chat a bit.

''Please note that this rules are Subject to changes from the Officers''

The War-Lords Council
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No Fightclubbing, fightclubbing is a pre-arranged spar with a friend, where one side just lets the other kill themself in 1v1. This is plainly to get more renown/infamy in a most exploiting way. This is one of the worst kind of LAMENESS. It considered an exploit by Codemasters and it is Strictly forbidden from Frontline members.
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