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#6978219 Nov 13, 2012 at 10:44 PM
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### Chat Capture: General 11/13 08:53 PM ###
Grinadan: 'Who are you btw Trin? My first guess would be Hannor :)'
Trin: 'i'm Rakanor'
Fealinwe: 'creep! *brings wood and oil*'
Trin: 'haha :)'
Grinadan: 'Oh cool :)'
'*throws sticky gourd*'
Fealinwe: '*plays Anthem of Composure*'
Grinadan: '"seeking blade + remorseless"'
Grinadan: '*miss*'
Fealinwe: '*gets silenced and stunned by wargs*'
Fealinwe: '*dies*'
Fealinwe: '*checks e-mail on other screen*'
'*throws a lm ress and hope no creep see that while induction runs*'
'lol - we can rp pvp :D'
Eleuil: 'need more freeps for raid :)'
'no need to go to ettens anymore!'
Fealinwe: '*clicks yes*'
Grinadan: 'better than actual pvp now :)'
'ha ha ha'
Fealinwe: '*quickly throws Improved Livening Grace and hopes no creep sees it*'
Fealinwe: '*random warg or reaver runs past and AoE's*'
Fealinwe: '*drops tear*'
Fealinwe: '*gets killed again*'
Fealinwe: 'Story of Fealinwë :)'
'amazing... will try get it on FL web ;)'
Fealinwe: '^^'
Fealinwe: 'buuuuuut'
Fealinwe: 'a creep saw this'
Fealinwe: 'so it will no longer work :P'
Fealinwe: 'now we will die'
Fealinwe: '(not as if this was a huge secret anyway)'
'even in pvp channel we die... what can be worse....?'
Grinadan: 'Better to stop all the pvp acts for once'
Fealinwe: '<Sauron has entered the channel>'
Connall: 'whassap?'
Gifford: 'i guess nothing new'

Nothing new...
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