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Recruitment Hall (Alliance)

Hello Frontline

Hey all, thanks for the invite, i look forward to fighting alongside you all!/Aerae
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Eleuil232Small Connall 5y
Recruitment Hall (Alliance)


Hello - probably don't recognise my name but im haldush's minstrel :) good to join!
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Aldromir413Small Aeleann 5y
Recruitment Hall (Alliance)


Hi there,I'm new... thanks for having me. Looking forward to burning some creeps with you :)/groundrollAlainir :)
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Alainir315Small Veryacano 6y
Recruitment Hall (Alliance)


Hiya everyone!Here comes a little application/presentation of me, Roffe, thanks to RL friend Crashen convincing me to apply for Frontline alliance.I'm Playing a rune-keeper named Roffe and have been in Ettens a bit in episodes, started with a mins...
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Roffe651Small Connall 7y
Recruitment Hall (Alliance)

Looking for FL.

I'm offering my service to Frontline.I had my ups and downs, realizing i was taking stuff too serious.Alway's said, i don't need FL to have fun, wich is still true.But having more is .. well more fun :p
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Recruitment Hall (Alliance)


Hi all, Let me introduce myself IRL first, thats the boring stuff so lets get it over with. I'm 31 (getting 32 in May :P) and live in the Netherlands... No, I don't smoke pot or so :p Every day I go to work and pretent to be a CPA (accountant) and...
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Mormanas941Small Mormanas 8y
Recruitment Hall (Alliance)


Hi, Tud (Guardian) has run with some guild members for a wee while, but I have now levelled up my original and fun to play character - Feredir (Hunter) - to take part in organised PvP. With Feredir the raid leader will never have to ask for tracki...
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