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[Pinned] Recruit info
Recruitment Hall

[Pinned] Recruit info

As you probably know already we have diffrent ranks here in frontline. Take a look on who is officers so you know who to ask if you got any questions. When you join you will join as a recruite, you will be a recruit untill you attended 2 off our e...
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Crashen11153Small Crashen 7y
Recruitment Hall


Heya Frontliners!My zap zap at your service.TiNdA.
Member avatar small TiNdA-LaS 5y
TiNdA-LaS31393Small Connall 5y
Recruitment Hall

Hello people

Hello, thank you for the invite and acceptance. Its nice to get back into pvp slowly. As I wrote in my application, I haven't pvp'd in this game, but I will read up on it to be a valuable member :) . Any input is welcome.
Member avatar small Eorran 5y
Eorran21162Small Connall 5y
Recruitment Hall

Greetings Frontline

Just wanted to thank you for the invite and hoping to see you in the moors soon for more of the decent fights we have been having lately, Also many thanks to all those that have had to Spam Rez me but I am working on it, each day I learn something...
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Revin41747Small apricott 5y
Recruitment Hall


hi thanks for the invite =)
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Recruitment Hall


Heya frontline thanks for the invite. Was a very old member of frontline when it first came out but one thing or another stopped playing ettens lost touch but I'm back :) My main ettenmoors character is Merwenin my loremaster I have a few others a...
Small Merwenin 6y
Merwenin71262Small Aeleann 6y
Recruitment Hall


Hi everyone, Yevad signing in.Only been playing in Ettens for a few weeks now, so still basically a noob here,(any tips gratefully received). enjoying it so far, hope to see you all out there :)
Small Yevad 7y
Yevad51308Small Connall 7y
Recruitment Hall

Eirold reporting for duty

Hey all,Another hunter reporting for duty.I had a dream, that Ettens was a place where freeps are known for charging in no matter what. And I will make this so :)Anything else.. I'm a pretty new HNT, returned to lotro with F2P and this time it sti...
Member avatar small Eirold 7y
Eirold21057Small Connall 7y
Recruitment Hall

Groloin of the Iron Hills

Hello, my name is Vlad, I am 18 and i live in Romania. I am in The Western Alliance kinship, mostly for PvE raids. I am not an expert in ettens but i wish to learn more about the ways there ( Groloin reporting for duty ).
Member avatar small Heordwyn 7y
Heordwyn2879Small Connall 7y
Recruitment Hall

New freep signing in - Litherdi

Hiya AllMy name is Alex and i curently live in Sweden, working at a University. I have been playing lotro since -07 (SoA). Been in 4 different kinships, Hands of Justice, Fellowship of the Song, Reborn and now iam in Unfinished Buissnes. Iam aslo ...
Small Litherdi 7y
Litherdi3927Small Litherdi 7y
Recruitment Hall

new recruit

Good evening,My name is Kjolmar Morninglory and I fight for the Free People. I have yet to attain the strength that is required for a balanced battle in the Ettenmoors, but I am confident in my abilities. In other words, I'm not level 65 yet but I...
Small Kjolmar 7y
Kjolmar61203Small Kjolmar 7y
Recruitment Hall

Want to be a part of Frontline, but not leave my existing Kin

Hi all,I play the rune-keeper Ividir and I'm a member of The Grey Guard. It's a great kin for raiding, RP (if it's your bag) and general game play, but few of us PVP.Having got to a point with this character I have started PVP again (my old main I...
Member avatar small Ividir (aka Richard) 7y
Ividir (aka Richard)4949Member avatar small sounds good to me 7y
Recruitment Hall

rollie reporting for duty

hi everybody, i am being summoned in to join against the evil forces. i am rollie, leader of radix lecti, and ill be seeing you all in the ettens.
Member avatar small rollie 7y
rollie3842Small Brim Stonesplitter 7y
Recruitment Hall

Bardori joining the ranks

Hiho everyone, this is the somewhat mighty bardori, previous leader of radix lecti now slacking about having time for some pvmp ^^ Will lend my inspiring words, sparkling rocks, swift bow, mighty halberd and sharp swords whenever i can :)
Small Bardori 7y
Bardori4693Small Litos 7y
Recruitment Hall

New recruit reporting in

Greetings and my thanks for accepting me into the ranks of Frontline.Some of you might know my guardian, Aeskarth. I'm a member of a very small kinship named Last Banner, we've been around for over two and a half years. I don't do alts, since ther...
Small Aeskarth 7y
Aeskarth5917Small apricott 7y
Recruitment Hall

Introducing Brim Stonesplitter

Hi Folks,Thanks very much for the invite for Frontline.I think i registered a long time ago allready for this website, but i had not much time to visit the forrum.Im Brim Stonesplitter and in real life my name is Joost.Im playing Lotro since beta....
Small Brim Stonesplitter 7y
Brim Stonesplitter6889Small Crashen 7y
Recruitment Hall


good day all.age = 19country = belgiumchars = 3 ( lyvins, kealia , secra )class = -lyvins = lm -kealia = minstrel- secra = hunter-halbarz = warleader-rogbarz = reaverpvP xp:i have been in the ettenmoors since launch, i don think there has been a ...
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kealia7906Small Moyr 7y
Recruitment Hall

Introducing myself to you.

Greetings to you all, I am Awerth, Elf Guardian of Rivendell and I am grateful to this alliance for allowing entry to myself and I shall lend my shield or axe whenever I can.
Member avatar small Awerth 7y
Awerth 8780Small Parmur 7y
Recruitment Hall

Hi Everybody

I am Halvdor, RK - my goal is to make Eawig stay alive...Na - I just enjoy having fun in Ettens with all of you guys... Who would have guessed, but I am actually starting to like the place (it happend somewhere between rank 4 and 5).See you all in...
Small Aeleann 7y
Aeleann161694Small Parmur 7y
Recruitment Hall


Ola!I'm Belegwe, Lore-master extraordinaire! Well, a Lore-master at any rate. I don't bring my freeps into the Ettens very often, I mostly play my creep and you may know me as my warg alter ego Akrar, but I want to start playing my freeps more hen...
Small Belegwe 7y
Belegwe5655Small Parmur 7y