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Fun stuff

I just thought we could have a thread about fun OOC or raid-chat. Conversations which should never be forgotten. Just collected stuff from my raids and its still a small collection. Hope everybody can add more.[Raid] Anayeth: why is me and eawig o...
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Eawig4113869Small Aeleann 5y


For anyone that, like me, dreads speaking on vent because they have a regional dialect ^^ :D :D :D
Small Shiona 7y
Shiona5603Small Conrar 7y

Hitler Is Informed Of The F2P Update Delay

I didn't see an off-topic section so this seemed the most appropriate since it is a video, albeit related to LOTRO tangentially. I made this whilst waiting for the F2P update to vent some of my frustration.No offence is intended towards any of our...
Small Belegwe 7y
Belegwe2396Member avatar small Fealinwe 7y

No one making any videos?

Is there really no one around here who made a pvmp movie?I could use some inspiration hehe... I've picked a song for mine and will order a new harddrive shortly to store fraps-stuff on... After that it's just all about getting a couple of good run...
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