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"Prince Imrahil proved great bravery going foremost with his men in Denethor's sortie, following Gandalf the White, against the flying Nazgul and his great army that had harried Faramir's forces back from the defense of Osgiliath to the gates of Gondor. The charge of Dol Amroth saved Faramir from being hewn to pieces after being felled by a poisoned Southron dart (arrow). Imrahil collected what could have been Faramir's dead body from the field, apparently recognized that he was alive, removed the arrow and stanched the wound. Then Imrahil took him across his horse to the White Tower to Denethor."

[...] Take my blessings with thee, for I would see the glory of the Free Peoples rekindled in the age to come, and much rest upon thee and thy friends [...]
The Huntsman