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Aeleann / Apr 03, 2013
… is ahead of us!

Thank you all that participated in the meeting, even tho it was on short notice and with a new update coming out same day. And thanks for those, who gave me ideas and support before the meeting was decided.

It is time that we take a deep breath, look into eachothers eyes – and ask what we want with Frontline. For a long time, Frontline have only supported PvP on Laurelin with an ingame chatchannel. I must say, that I respect all those new ppl who signed up to the forum, to become a part of our community, when all they got was details for a chat channel and with that a bit easier access to join raids.

That time is gone – our chat channel has been under attack for quite some time – even old Frontline members claimed that the channel had nothing to do with Frontline. I declined to believe in that, and on requests on several members, we made a new channel – named Frontline. Sadly that one was compromised too – and creeps that are not even members of Frontline declared, that no matter what we do, they will try to infiltrate out channel. I don’t know who gave them details – I know I specifically told every single person I gave details, not to pass them on – and still it has happened. Maybe in the thought of do good – but badly damaging our channel, where we could have discussed issues like the stuff we discussed at the meeting. I do advice those of you, who are tired of the creep QQ, to either report them or simply add then to ignore. I know they will still be listening/reading our chat – but at least we can avoid their bullshit. Sorry for my language – but it is quite annoying. Our channel turning into creep forum is just not right!

For Frontline there has to be some changes done too. Some of our old famous members are not really active anymore – and they will be promoted to our Hall of Fame. And should they return – they will join our active ranks again.

For the rest of the members – everybody will be demoted to recruit. It is time to clean up, and find out who is still here, and who is not. I am sorry for the trouble this might cause you all (and the work that this put on my shoulders) – but we need to know.

Soon we will start plan some events – with sign ups! FS /raid – depending on numbers. They will be Frontline only events, so make sure to check the forum from time to time.
The intention is, that we share leadership – max 30 min of leading. I think most of us can do this – and I am willing to give it a try – I hope YOU are too. ;)

Later we can start plan some events – there is plenty of ideas in the event thread, but more are ofc always welcome.

The application for the forum is about to change too. And the rules of Frontline will be promoted, explained and discussed in the future. Old rules like “no DoF unless all keeps are blue,” doesn’t really fit with todays mechanics in the moors.

If you want to help recreate the Frontline PvP alliance, you are more than welcome.
Connall / May 18, 2011
Good News Frontliners!

Connall has returned from a long journey to his home in Dunland!

((I have fixed my PC and will be back in game!))

I will be posting and leading regular raids once more, and will be working with the other officers to reorganise and reinvigorate the alliance over the next few weeks!

Expect more news and new raids to be posted shortly!