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Manakeep 728x90
(Aug 13, 2013)
if i can post it here...You will now be known as Second Marshal Ricojepan Adil the Warlord to those you meet in your travels. got warlord tittle two kills before r13 lul
(Jul 28, 2013)
Hiya Connall - when will you be back with us? ;)
(Jul 26, 2013)
oh hey connall, long time no see
(Jul 10, 2013)
Hi Connall!!
(Jul 09, 2013)
Hello all...
(Jul 07, 2013)
funny. Calwens voice is still a topic in raidchat
(Jun 17, 2013)
That was a funny Sunday afternoon in the moors! Great battles at Lug and Tol.
(Apr 30, 2013)
wow, I just met Aryanis in-game... hope you get your char to lvl 85 asap
(Apr 28, 2013)
Thank you :)
(Apr 28, 2013)
UK time on this forum - in Connalls honour or something.... ;)
(Apr 28, 2013)
Welcome Langoing :D
(Apr 28, 2013)
Is the time for the event based on the Berlin or the UK timer? ^^ (I am assume it is not the Servertimer)
(Apr 28, 2013)
Evening All :)
(Apr 27, 2013)
Tomorrow Bert is going to get Rank 15 onSnowbourn - sometime during the evening - just in case anyone want to be there and spar him - who knows - he might rank on you! :D
(Apr 27, 2013)
I like your idea Dorllark :D
(Apr 27, 2013)
So, maybe it is time to take up the swords again and start killing some creeps?
(Apr 27, 2013)
Welcome Arnkel :D
(Apr 26, 2013)
Sign up for Sunday Slaughter !
(Apr 14, 2013)
Hiya Tarcmir, Eawig! See you dsoon!
(Apr 14, 2013)
hey again guys :) been a while since i been on