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Manakeep 728x90
(Apr 07, 2013)
Hello all!i was already here all the time :)
(Apr 06, 2013)
Welcome All!
(Apr 05, 2013)
Hey Anvi welkom!
(Apr 05, 2013)
Ty :)
(Apr 05, 2013)
thankyou ^^
(Apr 05, 2013)
Welcome onboard Anvi :D
(Apr 05, 2013)
Welcome onboard Elgaros :D
(Apr 02, 2013)
Frontline Meeting
(Mar 10, 2013)
no idea about the new moors yet, lets see
(Mar 09, 2013)
Hiya! Hope your all well. I will be finished with Uni soon... hopefully the moors will be rebalanced a bit then?
(Feb 21, 2013)
tell me or Joy when you get in-game so we can share the details
(Feb 21, 2013)
we still have the same channel, normally about 15 people on (not many action, probably loads of creep listeners :)
(Feb 18, 2013)
it started*
(Feb 18, 2013)
Guys, if anyone can contact me in game, and solve mystery called alliance channel I will be really happy. There was so many changes, moving to other, that I started to be confusing. On a last one I belive there is only Joy and me...
(Feb 14, 2013)
nice action in the afternoons duing the lat few days small group fights are fun.
(Feb 06, 2013)
(Feb 03, 2013)
Welcome Balvirine :D
(Feb 03, 2013)
nice fights in the afternoon yesterday. i wonde where the promised creep raid was?
(Jan 31, 2013)
Welcome Unaldrin :D